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Dan Kirby

Dan Kirby

Dan Kirby is a lawyer with a knack for candidly answering clients’ difficult questions about real estate. Combining an analytical capacity that sees through complex situations with his broad, practical experience, Dan walks his clients through their various concerns in a way that leaves them feeling assured that they are in good hands. Given the different expectations of clients, the positions of other parties, and the different aspects of small town, rural, waterfront, commercial, development, and cottage due diligence, no two real estate transactions are the same. Having a lawyer like Dan to set expectations and provide direction through the course of your transaction helps relieve some of the anxieties that can accompany what, for many people, is the biggest purchase of their life.

Originally from Australia, but having spent his formative years in Pembroke, Ontario, Dan came to Orillia in 2010 and cut his teeth in an established Orillia law firm, before venturing out on his own in 2012. Dan’s wife is from an extended local family, and they have two children. Previously active in politics and local charitable boards, Dan has had to slow his involvement over the past few years to focus on his family and business. You might see him shuffling along Orillia roads and paths at a slow pace in a desperate effort to cling to his once very athletic figure.

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